Dominic Smiling [Dominic]

Promoting my small part to support blood cancer treatments

I'm spreading this everywhere I can, so figured I'd share here too. I'm taking part in the Portland, Oregon Light the Night. This is a fundraiser for Lymphoma and leukemia treatments.

For those who read my blog, Dominic Lucero (someone I never met, but touched my life) passed away from lymphoma 19 years ago. He's the one I visited the grave of when I was in LA. Sobering experience and very bittersweet for me. It was like, yes, I'm here, but I'm visiting this guy's grave.

For all of those who have been taken too soon by cancer, I want to do my part to try and raise awareness and the dollars to make sure the future generations do not have to lose more loved ones to this horrible disease.

If you can, help support me in my walk. Doesn't matter what you can give even if it's a dollar. Anything helps.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. If you do give and do not mark anonymous, I will do my best to find a fun and unique way of thanking you. Haven't come up with just what yet, but thinking hard.

My Fundraising Page through the LLS (Lymphoma & Leukemia Society)

P.S. That's Dominic in my icon from one of my favorite movies, NEWSIES.
Kevin Heart [Kevin Stea]

An unexpected surprise from a guy I don't know

I haven't posted in a while. I also let my icon extension thingy expire and I don't know how many icons I have now.

I had to share this awesome thing.

I've posted about Kevin Stea before. He's an actor, singer, dancer and he was in my favorite childhood movie, NEWSIES. He's an independent artist now and amazingly talented. I follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr. I think he's so cool and doing amazing things. I love that he's willing to push the boundaries on what most do.

He was in this movie (based on the stage version) Naked Boys Dancing. It is just like it sounds. Naked boys dancing, singing, etc. Sadly, I could not get through it. It was amazing, but I couldn't get past the fact that they were completely naked. Kevin had the first solo number and I did watch that. Wow. I don't know many people that confident in themselves to do that. He did a Q&A about that and he said he hit the gym for 10 days straight before they began filming. I was amazed, but still couldn't finish watching. Maybe I'll one day finish and listen to the singing because the musical numbers are funny. Kevin's was "The Naked Maid."


Yesterday when I got to lunch, there was a post on Twitter from Kevin. He said he had some time and would answer a question not already answered in a video response. I've been waiting for this opportunity for a while. He's already done 35 of them and all are on his youtube channel (I spent a night watching them in numerical order). I have a list of people in my head who I would LOVE to interview. I also have a serious of questions (also in my head) I would ask. Kevin is someone I would like to interview. The questions, though, flew out the window when I had to think of one. I sifted through what I knew about him, what he'd already answered and what I figured he wouldn't answer. I have at least two that have to do with NEWSIES, but he's asked so much about that movie that I didn't want to go there. I also would love to learn more about Dominic, but he's already talked about him. So I sat there for a good minute trying to think of something interesting before anyone else did.

I came up with "Who was your favorite performer to work with and why?" I posted it and hoped for the best. It appeared I was the first, no one else appeared to have replied. I saw he posted this to Facebook too, so I thought, oh well, I guess I wasn't first.

Today, I get a Twitter comment from him. He answered my question! I carry my ipad everywhere pretty much (especially since I got this awesome new case for it) and the ipad dinged at me. I checked and there was a twitter comment. I saw it and it took a bit to register. Then I started freaking out. In the middle of the office. Of course, I was working so I didn't watch the video.

I got home and then couldn't bring myself to watch it. Thank to Kate, I finally clicked the play button.

I didn't get past "Hey Jules," before I had to stop it and fangirl some more.

I've posted the video below. Pretty cool ending to the day.

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Mondays Suck [Nickelback]

Writer's Block: I Wish I May

When you see a shooting star, find a four leaf clover, get the bigger half of a wish bone, or catch a fallen eyelash... What do you wish for?

I actually wish on tunnels. A high school friend told me about this. When you come upon a tunnel, you hold your breath, make a wish and let the breath out when you get through the tunnel.

Lately, I've been wishing that I'll find a job.
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Orange Cat [Misc Icons]

Writer's Block: Senior Living

What steps are you taking to prepare for your retirement -- 401k, independent investing, squirreling cash in the backyard? Do you think you'll be able to retire at 62 or 65, or do you think you'll have to work longer?

This is one reason I'm trying to find a better job. I can't afford to put anything away. My job puts a little away as part of our employee benefits. Right now (I haven't checked in a while) I think I have just over $5,000 that I can't touch until I'm 65. I asked my HR person last year if I could dip into it without penalty, but she said I couldn't. The only way it could be accessed is if I die and it would go to my next of kin.

Anyway, answer is no. I don't have any plan right now and I don't like that. If I win the lottery, I'll retire now. How's that?
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Books are Love [Misc Books]

Writer's Block: My Town

Describe one thing about your hometown that's unusual or unique -- maybe there's an interesting statue or landmark, a special event occurs there, or it's the Official Home of Something.

You could say my town is just plain unique. We have a lot of hippies, so we have a lot of "hippy" festival type stuff. We have an event during the summer called the Saturday Market. It takes place downtown and about six city blocks are blocked off for artisans and food booths. I've been a couple of times and it's really not quite my thing. But it's free and kind of fun if you want to take the family down and look around. They have all kinds of fun stuff to look at. I didn't care for the food, but I'm kind of picky about street food anyway.

This is the talk of the town for those summer months.
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