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Sep. 19th, 2014

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]

Sorry I missed it :(


Aug. 23rd, 2014

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]

Want to hear something scary? With all the choices for eating out, I chose jack in the box for dinner. I'll blame it on the curly fries.


Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
Has anyone else experienced problems with putting posts under an LJ cut? This post is an example for LJ staff to view.

Where I post nonsense to show the problemCollapse )

My jacked up dreams

Rob interview Confused [Robert Pattinson
This weekend should be a lesson on why one should not watch before bed or fall asleep to true crime shows.

She was murdered and I'm next...Collapse )

Kidnapped child ordered to stay with her kidnappersCollapse )

Your giant nativity scene has arrived...Collapse )

I think my dreams are getting as messed up and strange as my friend, Melissa's.
Dominic Smiling [Dominic]
I'm spreading this everywhere I can, so figured I'd share here too. I'm taking part in the Portland, Oregon Light the Night. This is a fundraiser for Lymphoma and leukemia treatments.

For those who read my blog, Dominic Lucero (someone I never met, but touched my life) passed away from lymphoma 19 years ago. He's the one I visited the grave of when I was in LA. Sobering experience and very bittersweet for me. It was like, yes, I'm here, but I'm visiting this guy's grave.

For all of those who have been taken too soon by cancer, I want to do my part to try and raise awareness and the dollars to make sure the future generations do not have to lose more loved ones to this horrible disease.

If you can, help support me in my walk. Doesn't matter what you can give even if it's a dollar. Anything helps.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. If you do give and do not mark anonymous, I will do my best to find a fun and unique way of thanking you. Haven't come up with just what yet, but thinking hard.

My Fundraising Page through the LLS (Lymphoma & Leukemia Society)

P.S. That's Dominic in my icon from one of my favorite movies, NEWSIES.
Kevin Heart [Kevin Stea]
I haven't posted in a while. I also let my icon extension thingy expire and I don't know how many icons I have now.

I had to share this awesome thing.

I've posted about Kevin Stea before. He's an actor, singer, dancer and he was in my favorite childhood movie, NEWSIES. He's an independent artist now and amazingly talented. I follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr. I think he's so cool and doing amazing things. I love that he's willing to push the boundaries on what most do.

He was in this movie (based on the stage version) Naked Boys Dancing. It is just like it sounds. Naked boys dancing, singing, etc. Sadly, I could not get through it. It was amazing, but I couldn't get past the fact that they were completely naked. Kevin had the first solo number and I did watch that. Wow. I don't know many people that confident in themselves to do that. He did a Q&A about that and he said he hit the gym for 10 days straight before they began filming. I was amazed, but still couldn't finish watching. Maybe I'll one day finish and listen to the singing because the musical numbers are funny. Kevin's was "The Naked Maid."


Yesterday when I got to lunch, there was a post on Twitter from Kevin. He said he had some time and would answer a question not already answered in a video response. I've been waiting for this opportunity for a while. He's already done 35 of them and all are on his youtube channel (I spent a night watching them in numerical order). I have a list of people in my head who I would LOVE to interview. I also have a serious of questions (also in my head) I would ask. Kevin is someone I would like to interview. The questions, though, flew out the window when I had to think of one. I sifted through what I knew about him, what he'd already answered and what I figured he wouldn't answer. I have at least two that have to do with NEWSIES, but he's asked so much about that movie that I didn't want to go there. I also would love to learn more about Dominic, but he's already talked about him. So I sat there for a good minute trying to think of something interesting before anyone else did.

I came up with "Who was your favorite performer to work with and why?" I posted it and hoped for the best. It appeared I was the first, no one else appeared to have replied. I saw he posted this to Facebook too, so I thought, oh well, I guess I wasn't first.

Today, I get a Twitter comment from him. He answered my question! I carry my ipad everywhere pretty much (especially since I got this awesome new case for it) and the ipad dinged at me. I checked and there was a twitter comment. I saw it and it took a bit to register. Then I started freaking out. In the middle of the office. Of course, I was working so I didn't watch the video.

I got home and then couldn't bring myself to watch it. Thank to Kate, I finally clicked the play button.

I didn't get past "Hey Jules," before I had to stop it and fangirl some more.

I've posted the video below. Pretty cool ending to the day.

Writer's Block: I Wish I May

Mondays Suck [Nickelback]
When you see a shooting star, find a four leaf clover, get the bigger half of a wish bone, or catch a fallen eyelash... What do you wish for?

I actually wish on tunnels. A high school friend told me about this. When you come upon a tunnel, you hold your breath, make a wish and let the breath out when you get through the tunnel.

Lately, I've been wishing that I'll find a job.

Writer's Block: Senior Living

Orange Cat [Misc Icons]
What steps are you taking to prepare for your retirement -- 401k, independent investing, squirreling cash in the backyard? Do you think you'll be able to retire at 62 or 65, or do you think you'll have to work longer?

This is one reason I'm trying to find a better job. I can't afford to put anything away. My job puts a little away as part of our employee benefits. Right now (I haven't checked in a while) I think I have just over $5,000 that I can't touch until I'm 65. I asked my HR person last year if I could dip into it without penalty, but she said I couldn't. The only way it could be accessed is if I die and it would go to my next of kin.

Anyway, answer is no. I don't have any plan right now and I don't like that. If I win the lottery, I'll retire now. How's that?

Writer's Block: My Town

Books are Love [Misc Books]
Describe one thing about your hometown that's unusual or unique -- maybe there's an interesting statue or landmark, a special event occurs there, or it's the Official Home of Something.

You could say my town is just plain unique. We have a lot of hippies, so we have a lot of "hippy" festival type stuff. We have an event during the summer called the Saturday Market. It takes place downtown and about six city blocks are blocked off for artisans and food booths. I've been a couple of times and it's really not quite my thing. But it's free and kind of fun if you want to take the family down and look around. They have all kinds of fun stuff to look at. I didn't care for the food, but I'm kind of picky about street food anyway.

This is the talk of the town for those summer months.

Writer's Block: Zzzzzz...

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
On average, how much sleep do you need per night to function at your best? How much do you actually get -- how often do you feel sleep deprived?

Lately I haven't been doing too well with sleeping. Even if I do sleep all night, I often don't feel rested in the morning. When I'm doing fine emotionally, eight hours is enough. Lately, though, I'm not getting enough sleep no matter what I do. I either sleep too much or not enough.

On the weekend I take a lot of naps.

Writer's Block: A Little R&R...

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
Given that we all seem to be working later and later, how do you like to spend your off-time?

I like to do nothing. If I have a day off aside from the weekend, I will usually sleep in and just do whatever I want. I've been known to take a day off to just do things around town. Like go to lunch, go shopping, run an errand or two. Those are the best for me. A day without definite plans.

Writer's Block: Treasure Chest

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
What is your most treasured possession? Why does it have such a special place in your world? What one item from your past that you no longer have would you give anything to have back?

I have a couple. My computer is one. It's my only real way to communicate with anyone. I was so lost when my last computer died. I couldn't really afford a new one, but I also needed one.

Another is my teddy bears. They aren't valuable except to me. They are from Build A Bear. I just love them and they mean a lot to me. They bring me comfort.

Last but not least is my cat. She is the most important thing in my life. I know something led me to the shelter the day I adopted her. I think in a way we needed each other and still do.

Writer's Block: Friend Me

Stitch Find Me [Lilo and Stitch]
They say love lasts three years -- what about friendship? How many people are you still friends with that you were three years ago? Whose lost friendship do you miss the most?

Well, not that many. I've known my friends Wendy and Melissa for five years. Others I met through work I've known seven. I don't know anyone longer than that that I still consider a friend.

Who do I miss the most? I had this childhood friend named Michelle. We lost touch when her family moved away. For years after I tried to reconnect with her. It never happened. As an adult I've tried to contact her. A couple of years ago I found her on facebook. She never returned the message I sent her or approved my friend request. Never responded to any emails I sent. I gave up after that.

I also miss the friend I just let go.

Writer's Block: Check It Out

Icy Tree Branch [Misc Icons]
What's the worst case of "buyer's remorse" you've ever had? What were you hoping to get out of your purchase but didn't?

I get buyer's remorse for most large ticket items I buy. I just have a hard time parting with money in general. The most recent was buying a new computer even though I had to get one or go without. Wasn't going without.

The worst I ever experienced was when I was in college. I was going on my first trip by myself and decided to go shopping for some new outfits and such. I had never worn makeup and decided to also get a makeover at the mall. I ended up spending over $300 for high end makeup! I kept the receipt for the longest time to remember what I never wanted to do again.

I had hoped to look nice when I went on my trip. I was going to comedy clubs and wanted to dress up and look nice. It worked. I got a lot of compliments. But after that, I started shopping for my make up Wal-Mart.

Writer's Block: Interior Decorating

Bo Rock n Roll [Misc Music]
When you were a kid, what posters and pictures adorned your room's walls -- TV/movie stars, singers/bands, athletes, Einstein, bio-hazard warning signs? Why were they worthy of display (and did your parents ever yell at you to take them down)?

Well, it depends on what part of my childhood. Once I hit about 10 or 11, movie stars and bands covered my walls. At one point, when I was about 13 or 14, New Kids on the Block completely covered my walls. If I can find pictures, I'll share. It was crazy. I spent one weekend redoing my room so there was not a square inch of wall showing. I was so proud of myself. LOL

My mom never cared what I put up on my walls. I think those who saw it, were either curious or impressed. I'm not sure. I had a couple of kids tell me once when they saw a glimpse into my room (from the front door because my room was right off the front hall) that I had the coolest room they'd ever seen.

Writer's Block: Fan Me

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
What was your first fandom, and are you still active in it? How did you participate in this fandom (discussion lists or communities, fan art, fanfiction, conventions, etc)? Link us to your favorite LJ journals/comms about this fandom.

The very first one? Let's go with the first after I found Online communities. I think the first one prior to the internet was either General Hospital or Quantum Leap.

So my first online fandom experience was for Whose Line is it Anyway? We called ourselves Whosers. No, I'm no longer a "Whoser" and left that life almost 12 years ago. I did probably everything imaginable in the fandom. I created a website, wrote fanfiction, made fan art, went to meet other fans, went to shows, joined every community, chat room, website and message board I could find.

Like I said, I left the fandom long ago. I don't really hate it or anything. I just lost interest. I've learned since then how much I want to get involved.

My longest lasting fandom has been Twilight/Rob Pattinson. I've learned how much to get involved and when to keep my distance. And since there's so many areas of interest around the actors, there's never a dull moment. And Rob's just too adorable to lose interest in. People can think what they want. I love him to no end.

Writer's Block: Words of Comfort

Books are Love [Misc Books]
What is your favorite place to curl up and read a new book? What are you reading now that you can't wait to get back to once your day is done?

Well, I'll be honest...I used to be an avid reader. For a while, I read only romance. Then I started reading Young Adult. Now I don't read anything. I can't focus enough to get absorbed into a book. I've tried. Tried to read Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts. Great book, but again couldn't focus to get through it.

But I used to read all the time. My favorite place to read was in the bath. I've also tried reading on the beach when I go. Not too successful at that. Oregon beaches are so cold! I can usually only last maybe 20 minutes before the wind kicks up too much. One time I went to the beach with my lunch and this seagull camped out about 7-10 yard away from me hoping I'd drop some food. Then I started reading and he kept watching me. Creepy bird.

Anyway, the last series I really got into was the Hunger Games books. I just couldn't put them down. I got really into YA books and found so many great new authors. Can't think of them right now. Speak is another great one I couldn't put down. I've read it 3 or 4 times.

Plus, I refuse to get a kindle. I love real books. I have a ton of them. I like how they look and feel.

I hope to pick up a book again once my life gets straightened out a little more. I have boxes of books I bought and never read.

Writer's Block: Just Say No!

Better with Ice Cream [Misc Icons]
What bad habit have you broken?

I think I've answered this question before. When I was a senior in high school, there was this kid, Jason. Couldn't stand him. He was one of those kids that made you just want to scream listening to him talk. He used the work "like" every other word. For one year and maybe longer, I managed to completely eradicate that word from my vocabulary.

Basically, hearing him use it, he sounded like a moron. I decided I couldn't stand to hear myself say it either. I've now reverted back to using it again, but not every other word.

I can still remember that guys name. I can also remember the kid in my junior year who kicked my chair. God, I hated that guy.

Writer's Block: Fool Me Once

Purple Trees [Misc Icons]
April Fool's Day pranks -- love 'em or hate 'em? What's the best (or most annoying) prank you've had played on you, or that you've played on someone else? (Was jail time involved?)

As a rule, I dislike April Fool's Day. The worst one I ever encountered was when I was in the 6th grade. We were just starting a unit on sex education. Our teacher was out on medical leave and the substitute was clueless on everything. We had no structure or any actual assignment. I ended up sitting at a table while all the boys laughed and pointed at the books and pamphlets. I swear, every single boy came up to me and a couple other unpopular girls and either read the most embarrassing parts out loud or asked us to go out with them followed by an "April Fools."

After that, I would beg my mom every single year to not make me go to school on April Fool's. It was one of the worst days I ever spent in school. My mom was a push-over, so she wouldn't make me go. I did this until about my junior year of high school.

To this day, I'm always glad when the actual day lands on a weekend. I usually won't leave my house. Not that I worry about going to work. I just hate the day. On principle I guess.

Writer's Block: Just Say No!

Cat Gimme a Break [Misc Animals]
What bad habit have you broken?

Not really a bad habit, but I managed to eliminate the word "like" from my vocabulary for my senior year of high school.

There was this guy I could not stand. He used "like" every other word and really thought he was something. Could not stand him! So errogant. And because of him, every time I used the word "like," I cringed thinking of him. So I worked and accomplished not using it at all.

Of course, that was over 10 years ago and it has snuck back into my everyday word usage.

Writer's Block: You’ve Got Mail!

Books are Love [Misc Books]
How many times a day do you access your email account?

Now that my email is connected to my phone, I check it multiple times a day.

Writer's Block: Socially Active

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
What are your favorite LJ communities?

My favorite community is ontd_creepy because it's the one group I feel I really fit in. And everyone is so nice. I missed this place the most when I was without a computer.

My favorite Twilight community is werkdelusional which is for Rob/Kristen shippers.

Writer's Block: Tossing and Turning

Books are Love [Misc Books]
Tell us your weirdest dream.

I have many weird dreams. Many, many. So I'll just tell you about the 2 I had last night that were weird.

One I'd say was a nightmare, but still weird. I woke up from it a tad scared. I was at work and the big boss (who wasn't really the big boss. I think she's on Law and Order.) came to my desk. She had a list of the files from my hard drive on my work computer. It looked like they took a screen shot of my personal folders from my hard drive. She held it up for me to see and pointed to one file and started berating me. I saw the other files were random word documents that looked like stories or something I had saved. I felt ashamed and as she continued to berate me for this one particular file, I felt worse and worse.

She pointed out that this was a program I wasn't authorized to use and that I didn't use for work related projects. She said she would take it up with my real boss and walked away.

I felt like an idiot and was sure I would lose my job. That was when I woke up.

My second dream was that I was back in school. I don't know why or what for, but I was still working. I went to my first two classes on the first day and managed to get through the first half of the day. I went to work and was about to go to lunch when I realized I still had two more classes that day. I hadn't had any lunch and I needed to be at school like right then. For some reason, I had a banana with me, so I decided I'd just take that to eat.

Then I wondered how I would manage to accomplish school and work full time.

The end of the dream had something to do with a bunch of junk in the trunk of my car that I was meaning to give to charity. I thought I could just take it to a drop off donation site which wasn't that far away.

Writer's Block: Hello, World!

Bruno on the Drums [Bruno Mars]
What is your earliest memory?

The earliest memory I have is living with my grandparents when I was around three. My mother and I lived there until I was 4. I remember playing outside and in the sandbox my grandfather made for me. Also riding relied with my cousins in the driveway.

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